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Azoris Royal Garden


General Policies

The Azoris Hotels & Leisure is more and more committed to customer satisfaction, and this is why certification of its hotels, by adopting measures aimed at reducing the impact of tourism on the environment in which are part our hotels, is fundamental.

We defend a policy of quality by ensuring excellent services, food safety of food stored, rational use of energy, increased waste recycling, in other words, a sustainable environmental policy that we are successfully implementing.

1.      To ensure the quality and viability of the hotel services provided 

2.      To ensure the food safety of food stored, prepared and served, through the identification, evaluation and control of the risks associated with the Hotel’s activity 

3.      To obtain the satisfaction, trust and preference of the customers 

4.      To ensure the rational use of energy and resources 

5.      Commitment to environmental protection and pollution prevention by implementing the sustainable use of water, energy and waste recycling 

6.      Commitment to continuous improvement of the environmental management system for a better environmental performance;

7.      To incorporate environmentally safe practices and technologies

8.      To ensure compliance with applicable legal and internal requirements associated with significant environmental aspects

9.      To improve the level of employee training and performance in what concerns Quality, Environment and Food Safety

Currently, the company is in a transition phase for the new NP EN ISO 9001:2015 and NP EN ISO 14001:2015 standards.

  • Check in time 4:00 PM
  • Check out time 12:00 PM
  • Children age 12
  • Pets not allowed

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