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Azoris Angra Garden

A Renewed Azoris Angra Garden

No one believes that this is the oldest hotel in Terceira anymore

The Azoris Angra Garden, as of May 2018, presents itself as a modern and renovated hotel in the most central square of Angra do Heroísmo.

The birth of the Azoris brand has brought with it the will to reinvent the existing hotels, not only through the improvement of its infrastructure but also in what we can offer to those who choose to stay with us. Therefore, we have moved forward to a significant transformation, respecting the architectural trait that characterizes the hotel as an integral part of the heritage city of Angra do Heroísmo.

The rooms went under a complete transformation, with new textiles and finishing materials, conveying tremendous tranquillity to guests. The common areas have undergone profound changes in the layout and decoration, now breathing the concept of "Garden", the brand image of all the Azoris Group hotels. The entrance lobby area has increased by about 50%, with a modern and welcoming atmosphere.

One of the most important changes is the remodeling of our Restaurant, which brings the feeling of the Municipal Garden into the dining room, turning it into a much more pleasant space to enjoy during a meal.


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