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To experience the power of nature, we must protect it

Living the nature of the Azores, whether as a resident or visitor, is a unique experience and reminds us of the most precious thing we have on the planet: our natural resources, animals, plants, people. This perception gives us a new mission as agents in the hospitality industry, which goes beyond hospitality: the desire to create responsible and sustainable hotels, where our guests can relax and enjoy the best that the destination has to offer, knowing that we are doing our best to protect our home.

With that purpose in mind, and also taking into account the environmental, economic and social pillars, essential for a concerted sustainability of the hotels, the units of the Azoris group have carried out a series of initiatives and practices in recent years, subject to frequent evaluations of all social and environmental impacts - direct and indirect. This commitment is guaranteed and recognized by some regulatory bodies, which help us to monitor and continuously improve the implemented actions.

Sustainable Development Goals

Through our activity, we seek to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, highlighting the following for the integrated strategy with the Finançor group:

In the link below you can find the first Sustainability Report of the Finançor Group, referring to the year 2020, which also includes the actions and strategy of the Azoris hotels.

Environmental Dimension

Over the years, several actions and adaptations have been implemented in our business, with a view to protecting the environment and sustainable management of our resources.

Some figures resulting from these actions show that, for example, there was a water saving of around 24% in the Azoris Royal Garden months after the implementation of water flow reducers. The replacement of traditional light bulbs with LEDs resulted in a 14% decrease in electricity consumption at Azoris Faial Garden. It is also worth mentioning the drastic reductions in fossil fuels at the Azoris Royal Garden (-33%) and Azoris Faial Garden (-34%), based on the use of pellets as an alternative energy.

Main indicators

Scope 1 emissions - direct emissions. Scope 2 emissions - indirect emissions.

Social and economic dimension

Aware of the importance that our employees represent for the quality of services and the prosperity of the company, we seek to ensure the integration, training, motivation and well-being of all our employees. Likewise, we believe that the contribution of our actions and initiatives make a difference and have significant positive impacts on the community. We seek to create value through our activity and the economic development that we promote in the regions where we operate, sustaining not only business continuity but also success in promoting sustainability.

Main indicators

How to make your stay more sustainable?

See our tips to help reduce the tourism footprint on these precious islands. 

Commitment and Certification


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