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Azoris Hotels & Leisure

Azoris Hotels 

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there is a group of islands where we just feel like disconnecting from the rest of the world and letting ourselves be invaded by the roads lined with greenery, by the inebriating aroma of the sea breeze, by the sound of the shears that sing to the moon and stars, and by the lagoons that mirror all the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Azoris hotels, located on the islands of São Miguel, Terceira and Faial, are an ideal complement to the oasis that these islands are, close to the historic centers of the respective islands, where all life and commerce take place. Still, its privileged locations are 'far enough away' to be able to relax and go into Zen mode, thanks to the gardens that surround them, its wellness centers that take care of the body and mind, and the delicious carefully prepared dishes that comfort you after a whole day of experiences.

Our Hotels

Enjoy magnificent experiences in the Azores, with comfort and quality, on the islands of São Miguel, Terceira, and Faial.


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Royal GardenPonta Delgada - S. Miguel
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Angra GardenAngra do Heroísmo - Terceira
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Faial GardenHorta - Faial
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