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You will enjoy magnificent new experiences in the Azores. Each hotel unit at Azoris Hotels & Leisure has partnerships with tourist animation companies to carry out activities that will take you to enjoy the Azorean nature.

Pedestrian walks, Cetacean watching, Golf, Diving, Biking / Mountain biking are some of the activities that you can enjoy in the Azores. Geotourism, Bird Watching, Surfing, Sport Fishing, Sailing, Canoeing / Kayaking, Paragliding and Horseback Riding are also part of the Azorean adventure.

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"WHALE ON THE SIGHT!" One of the largest whale sanctuaries in the world, the Azores count on the presence of majestic whales and friendly dolphins that roam the Atlantic blue, making everything even more magical.

IT'S NOT A DREAM! On each Trail you can find areas of exceptional beauty that connect almost every corner of each island, both by the sea and at altitude. The rails snake across the archipelago, revealing hidden mysteries for hikers.

TRY HYDROTHERMAL RESOURCES. In the Azores you can find numerous springs of natural carbonated water, waterfalls and pools of water, referenced and exploited for centuries.

POWER OF NATURE. In the Azores there are marked, in the basement, almost three hundred volcanic cavities, in the form of caves, algares and crevices. You can also find dry boilers, crater ponds, fumarolic fields and hot springs. The volcanism of the archipelago impresses by diversity and generates a special magnetism to the visitor.

DIVE IN THE AZORES. In the waters of the Azores you can find coastal and low areas where magnificent caves and underwater arcades, wrecks of shipwrecks, whales that glide in blue vertigo, rare and mysterious underwater fumaroles.

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